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Customer Service
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10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Hotline: +880 - 17206 73938


AXCEL TECH provides all kinds of small and large systems Hardware & Accessories. We also provide system setup, maintenance and recovery support for our clients. Again, we provide IT Consultancy support for small & large enterprises.

AXCEL TECH expert team helps in different hardware system setup & maintenance. They are familiar in different hardware technologies and are very sincere in their services.

Desktop Pcs, Workstations and Laptops
Server Systems and Accessories
Computer Systems and Accessories
Different Types of Printers: Laser, Color, Line etc.
Computer H/W and Other Peripherals

 Hardware Products

AXCEL TECH can provide wide variety of hardware products for small, medium and large systems -

Variety of
Hardware Products

Configure & Setup



AXCEL TECH can deliver the variety of hardware products & technologies of different vendors according to customer needs that include:

  1. Small, Medium & Large Configured Systems.
  2. Desktop Pcs, Workstations, Server Systems, Laptops, Tabs etc.
  3. Processor, Hard Disk, RAM, DVD R/W Drive, Blu Ray Drive, Pen Drive, Headphone, Peripheral Devices.
  4. Graphics Card, LAN Card, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS, Online UPS etc.
  5. Scanner, Printers(Laser, Color, Inkjet), LCD & LED Monitors.
  6. Webcam, Server Rack, Switch, Router, Modem.
  7. Power Supply, Casing, External HDD.
  8. Our Products Vendors - HP, DELL, IBM, Intel, Samsung, Fujitsu, Sony, Acer, Lenovo and more.

 Maintenance Services

AXCEL TECH provide maintenance & support services for Hardware Products & Technologies. The services include -

  • Support Services: Setup & Configure on Delivery.
  • Remote and Onsite Support upto 8/5.
  • Maintenance Support: Online upto 24/7 & Onsite upto 8/5.
  • Maintenance Supports are provided according to Customer Requirements.
  • Maintenance Services Require Extra Payments.

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