Software Systems - both customized and generalized, have some specific rules and regulations for the purpose of usage as every Software Systems holds. The Software sole owner is the "AXCEL TECH LTD." and © Copyright is belongs to the Software Developer. "Copyright is the intellectual property rights which preserves the ownership for the abstract and concrete assets". Therefore, Software System usage terms and conditions are very straight forward and easily understandable. There is no very complex terms and conditions. The Software Systems Terms & Conditions are as follows -

Terms & Conditions

  1. Copyright: The © Copyright of the Software belongs to the Software Developer "AXCEL TECH LTD.". Therefore, the sole owner of the Software System is AXCEL TECH LTD..
  2. License: The client(s) can get license of the Software for usage purpose only. The Software is not sale permanently i.e. Software ownership is not sold/handover. One can get license of the Software for his/her business purpose not for any kinds of marketing or redistribution. The license payments clauses are -
    1. Usage purchase/license is done by paying the usage License Fees.
    2. The 50% License Fees will be paid at the time of successful Purchase Order for Customized Software. The remaining 50% and Setup Charges will be paid at the time of the successful installation of the Software.
  3. Legal Actions: The client(s) of the Software can not sale/redistribute the Software at any means. If client(s) does so, it will be treated as leagl © Copyright Act violation. The Software owner will take the Legal Actions against that Client(s) for his/her illegal actions. The client(s) can not also marketing without prior knowledge and consent of the proprietory owner "AXCEL TECH LTD.".
  4. Hardware: The Software System required Hardwares cost will be bear by the client(s) himself/herself. Again, client(s) will purchase Hardwares for his/her usage.
  5. Warranty & Guarantee: The Software System support is provided for the specific problems but no warranty or guarantee is provided.
  6. Technical Support: For any kind of technical problem of the Software System support is provided onsite and offsite. For onsite the support is provided to on the site of the client(s) i.e. on the client(s) office. Therefore, the transportation cost and service charge will be charged from the client(s). Offsite support is provided from our office i.e. online. For online support call at our Help Center Helpdesk and they will note down your problem. Then respective TECH AND SUPPORT Department will be referred to identify and resolve the problem. Our Experts will address your problem within short period of time.
    1. For onsite, the client(s) will pay the transportation cost and service charge. The payments can be done instantly or monthly basis as per the signing of the contract agreement.
    2. For offsite, the client(s) need to pay the service charge only. The payments can be done instantly or monthly basis as per the signing of the contract agreement.
  7. Update & Versions: For any custom modification and upgradation of the Software client(s) will pay the modification or upgradation costs. Version(s) of the Software will be found day by day. For New Version(s) of the Software the client(s) will pay the additional charges only if License is purchased previously.
  8. Maintenance Support: Maintenance Support will be provided to those Client(s) who require and request for the support. Maintenance support like - Software Data Backup on the Data HDD/Optical CD(s) or DVD(s), Database Administration, Re-Configuration of the Software etc. These type of supports sometimes require additional H/W Devices and the Client(s) will bear the cost of these additional H/W devices. Maintenance supports charges will be paid monthly basis and charge will be defined by the service provider.

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