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Customer Service
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AXCEL TECH design and setup high performance LAN & WAN network systems for small and large organization. We also setup Access Control, CCTV, Finger Print based security systems. Our designs are scalable, smart & secure that fits your requirements. Again, our solutions are cost-effective and comply with Latest Technology.

AXCEL TECH team is extensively expertise in different networking and security systems technologies which include wired & wireless systems.

Network Types Based on Geo-Location: LAN, WAN and WLAN
Network Topology: Bus, Star and Ring Configuration
Ethernet LAN and WLAN Configuration
Traditional Ethernet LAN Configuration
Cluster Ehternet WLAN Configuration
High Speed LAN, WLAN and VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Bullet IP High Speed and CCD IR Night Vision Weather Proof CCTV Camera
Bullet IP High Resolution and PTZ Dome IR CCTV Camera
Dome IR Ceiling, Bullet IP and Box High Resolution Color CCTV Camera
Complete CCTV Security System H/W and Tool Kits
Wire 4CH and 8CH CCTV System: DVR, Color IR Camera, Cables etc.
Wireless 1CH and 4CH CCTV System: Wireless DVR, Color Camera, HDD etc.
CCTV Surveillance System

 Networking Solutions

AXCEL TECH can provide wide variety of networking solutions for home, business and public hotspots -

and Configuration

and WAN

and Wireless

and Solution

AXCEL TECH can deliver the networking solutions and services according to business needs of the clients that includes:

  1. Secure & Scalable Network Design.
  2. Network Types: WPAN(Bluetooth), LAN(Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring), WLAN(Wi-Fi), WAN(DSL, Cable Modem, Fiber Optic, WiMax).
  3. Topology: Bus, Star, Ring and Star-Bus.
  4. Configuration: Peer-to-Peer and Client Server.
  5. Network Operating Systems: Windows 2000 - 2007, Linux and Solaris.
  6. Secure Remote Access.
  7. Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions: Onsite and Offsite.
  8. Maintenance and Support: Remote, Onsite upto 24/7.
  9. Full Vendor Integration with CISCO, HP and HUAWEI.

 Security Solutions

AXCEL TECH provides smart, secure & cost-effective security solutions. The solutions include -





  • CCTV Surveillance: WitEye Embedded Linux DVR, Wit-Net Series CCD, CMOS IP Cameras & Video Server.
  • Access Control: RAC - 800/900.
  • Proximity Reader: RTA - 600, HTA - 820.
  • Finger Print: BS - 300, F9.
  • Centralized DVR Platfrom: NDMS Digital Surveillance and IP Network Technology.

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